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In Case Of

in Case Of band

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by Walter Price


You never know what you’ll get when you see a band that has only performed live a handful of times.

The other night I got to see the start of something terrific manifesting in the German rock landscape. A new-ish band without a label, recording or even a proper website (the humanity) tear the roof off Werk venue Leipzig, DE.

The band has done their homework; they have built a live show that can only be imagined by seasoned pros. In Case Of (Steve, Flo, Benny, Marcel & Daniel) bleed a certain brand of party rock that is carful not to crossover into redundant dribble that you hear littering the airwaves.

In case of bandThe live show I witnessed saw this 5 piece take the stage in a staggered and romping heavy beats vamping that was actually pretty attractive. This sort of thing can go wrong but these dudes hit the mark and got the crowd into a near frenzy.

Vocalist Flo seemed to let the pre-shows stresses show in his delivery the first couple tracks “Chains Off” and “We’ll Be Proud” but in an eager and energetic atmosphere you’d hardly notice or care. The band’s heavy blues drenched guitar work and engaging crowd banter won the crowd early and never let go.

German pop musicHere is where thing got explosive, both literally and figuratively.  When the second to last track “Tell Me Now” started the band was unstoppable in their tight delivery but the surprises just went to 11. A hard bluesy rocker flavored in a slight pop rhythm came the backing vocals of previously unseen Julia (don’t have a last name, seems to be the new thing) from the band Dynamum exploded onto the scene like a edgy bomb of delightful swagger. Perfectly and I mean perfectly complimenting Flo’s chorus and sending the crowd into overdrive.  This was the stuff of rock n’ roll greatness.

The final number “You Better Love Me” came with a hell yeah sing along and the band seemed to be in their element. Full on stars in the making. Clearly the last two tracks are the standouts and a reason I’d turn my radio on again.

It’s a good feeling seeing a band start their careers off this way.


In Case Of: Facebook / YouTube


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