Everyone Is Dirty This December
22. December 2021 By Walter Price 0


Everyone Is Dirty This December (A Christmas Song) is available now on Bandcamp, Apple Music.

Everyone Is Dirty This December

by Walter Price

Oakland’s psych-punk-poets Everyone Is Dirty have released what will be considered a warm-n-fuzzy instant holiday classic. “This December (A Christmas Song)”, a song written by the band’s Sivan Lioncub and Christopher Daddio, this seasonal offering is a bit more twisty than the enchanting lullaby you normally associate with yuletide cheer. More of a journey through the mind’s eye in the way it coaxes you to remember ‘the happiest time of the year’. It’s a longing for what once was, home. Wherever or whatever that may be…

EVERYONE IS DIRTY This December (A Christmas Song)

Band photo by Ginger Fierstein // set design by Jazmine Schwinges-Williams

Written and Recorded by Sivan & Chris at Donut Time Audio

Sivan Lioncub
Christopher Daddio
Tyler English
Jake Kopulsky

Everyone Is Dirty This December

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This December I remember the gift of family
Saw two snowflakes on the window
Only we could see Among the floating leaves

Light a candle on a Christmas tree
Little Nico don’t forget to leave a cookie
Santa you’ve already given me
Light a candle Little Nico

But everybody knows
That it never snows in San Francisco

All we’ve got is fog, depressing dark and cold
Everybody knows
That it never snows in San Francisco
All we’ve got is rain and fog along the coast
Except for this December, This December, This December

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