EUT Had Too Much
7. December 2021 By Walter Price 0

It’s really what you need, EUT Had Too Much (Party Time, LP)

EUT Had Too Much (Party Time, LP), available at Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify.

EUT Had Too Much
EUT Had Too Much / Party Time

by Walter Price

Sass, bounce, and soaked in groove, the recent single, “Had Too Much”, from Amsterdam-based collective EUT harkens back to the glory days of 90s alt-rock. Lamenting on all the fun of being footloose and fancy-free while navigating some real-life what-could’ve-been obstacles.

I’ve had too much
I’m drinking again
I feel like a fool
Cause I still feel about you
Will never see what could have been
Now no one else comes close to feeling
I really think you need some sleep
I really think its what you need
It was me as your lover
It was you as a cover why even bother
Because my heart wasn’t yours
I’ve had too much, I’m drinking again, I did too much
I’m thinking again

Onenitestands or short-lived romances or perhaps self-destructive behaviors, none the matter, this indelible bop is sure to keep your earbuds rattling as you go about being you. And if this single wasn’t enough to please the most discerning of pop fans, “Had Too Much” is backed by the just as tasty melody heavy, “It’s Love (But It’s Not Mine)”. Another addictive retro-vibed song that will cause top volume sing-a-longs.

EUT is new to me, but what a glean from my short acquittance is that this outfit likes to make you smile as much as they want you to boogie while you’re figuring out all your individualities. And they have the soundtracks you need to do just that. So much winning!

Both tracks come from the brilliant “Party Time” LP, via V2 Records Benelux. And you can stream the double A-Side as well as see the DIY-style of the take-it-to-the-streets “Had Too Much” music video, now at the GTC.

EUT Had Too Much

Band photo by Sanja Marusic

Megan de Klerk (vocals)
Tessa Raadman (guitar)
Emiel de Nennie (guitar),
David Hoogerheide (bass/ keys)
Jim Geurts (drums)

Had Too Much video: Produced and recorded by Simon Akkermans at EpicRainbowUnicornStudio
Mixed by Thijs van der Klugt
Mastered by Jerboa Mastering

Edit by Tessa Raadman
Drawings and animations by Wies Tesselaar and Tessa Raadman (Tessalaar Filmproductions Enterprises) and David Hoogerheide.
Special thanks to our lovely camera people: Marcia Savelkoul, Mick Geurts, Tessa Swinkels, Nikkie Verstijnen en Ayda Abdankondori.

EUT Had Too Much

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“EUT is here to keep you on your toes: just where you think you know where things are headed, they veer you unexpectedly off course. The effect? Slightly dizzying, thoroughly refreshing, and it will leave you wanting more.” – bio

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