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23. March 2017 By Walter Price 0

Eoin Dolan Preps New Album, Releases New Single / Video

Eoin Dolan – “One Girl” now at The GTC.

eoin dolan

by Walter Price


A surprise bit of news in the indie-pop world as Ireland’s, and friend to The GTC, Eoin Nolan drops a new single and announces a new album. On the heels of 2016’s self-titled full-length, Dolan’s new album “Ubique” will drop this coming this Summer (2017) and the first single and companion video, “One Girl”, can be seen and heard below.

When I spoke to Dolan about the new album he had this to say, “My upcoming album Ubique is based on a loose concept of a journey through space. It’s set in an alternative reality where the space programs of the 1950s/1960s grew at a rapid rate to a point where present day people are able to travel to different planets in the galaxy. The songs are set as a series of reflections, laments, and observations of someone traveling through foreign worlds.

“The idea of the record came from my fascination with the writings of Philip K. Dick and my general interest in the existence of parallel universes. It’s also an homage to classic sci-fi motifs. It’s definitely a departure from my first record. Ubique is very much based on texture and atmosphere. I want the listener to go on a ‘trip’ with each playback of the album. My latest single, One Girl is just a taster of what’s to come.”

Intriguing and if the new single is a sign of sounds and thoughts to come, Ubique, is going to be worth checking out.


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