madil hardis empathy test
8. February 2023 By Walter Price 0


Madil Hardis’ Empathy TestHolding On, cover is available on Deezer, Tidal, SoundCloud

madil hardis empathy test

by Walter Price

In a Sunstack post dated 3 Febuary 2023, ethereal composer Madil Hardis speaks about her latest cover song, “January has already rushed by and I’ve mostly used it to work on my upcoming album. But I also decided to do another cover song – this time a track by Empathy Test (currently one of my favorite artists). My version of their song Holding On is being released today. For me, Holding On is a song about breaking out of our past. What are we holding on to? What are we letting go of? Who will follow us, and who do we leave behind? The original song can be found on Empathy Test’s 2017 album Losing Touch.”

Hardis has moved Isaac Howlett, Adam Relf’s original from the classic synthpop stunner into her trademark ethereal and nearing somber tone. replete with shadowy composition and her indelible vocal dexterity. Dark, mystical, and beautiful.

So, as we wait for that forthcoming album, you can stream both Madil Hardis’ redux of “Holding On” as well as Empathy Test’s masterstroke original, here at the GTC.


Holding On

Artist photo courtesy of Madil Hardis // Quote via

Written/composed by Isaac Howlett, Adam Relf

Redux composed/performed Madil Hardis

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Madil Hardis combines classical and electronic elements with ethereal vocals and can be described as deep and soulful Weltschmerz music, sometimes slow, sometimes faster but always full of intensity and emotion. – bio

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