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18. July 2018 By Walter Price 0

A FORK IN THE ROAD: Elise Davis – “The Token” + video

Elise Davis is available on iTunes.

Elise Davis

by Walter Price


As beautiful and everlasting as the voices of Patsy Cline and Brenda Lee are, they had a haunting side. A trait of their storytelling that has carried over to artists like Lo Carmen and Emma Swift. And that very same dark characteristic can be found in Elise Davis’ 2016 single, “The Token”.

A song about life choices, independence and spreading your wings beyond what normality expects from you. And yes, Davis delivers this track in some classic Cline or Swift heaviness, you’ll also find that it breaks off into some pretty righteous Big Star territories as well. Check out that gnarly guitar work near the third act…

In a Facebook post, Elise explained the track, “The title track on my new album The Token details a metaphorical fork in the road. On one side, you have a more traditional path that is still very prominent in the south. On the other side, you have the modern perception of sexuality and womanhood.”

Life is a highway…

Elise Davis has a new album, Cactus, available for pre-order, here.



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