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4. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…wasn’t in the mood, EGG DROP SOUP Or Durves

Egg Drop Soup – Or Durves is available at Apple Music, Broken Baby / Egg Drop Soup pre-order.

I guess each listener will perceive the recent single “Or Durves” from LA-punk trio Egg Drop Soup differently. Is it a slacker anthem, a searing take on the way women’s attitudes are interpreted in the workplace, or maybe it’s just simply a song to blast while you clear your bong? Ultimately, it’s a sticky punk rock song with a wink that’ll sound better the faster you drive (we do not recommend violating traffic laws while listening to this song).

I’m smart but I never apply myself
Gettin’ high in a room all by myself
Another hit
Now tell me did you get my complaint
Over and over and over
I have no restraint

But wait, there’s more! The music video is a DIY superstar! Directed by the band’s Samantha Westervelt, the puppets as the band or the band as puppets + live footage set in a not getting anywhere workplace, all makes for a visual good time. What is it about puppets that make the day all the better?

“Or Durves” is taken from the upcoming 7″ ‘Split’ that has two tracks from EDS as well as two from GTC faves Broken Baby. Expected to drop on June 25, 2021, via Poor Man Records. But you don’t have to wait to get your rock on, you can stream this new single and see its film, now at the GTC. Trust me, your summer sick-of-the-blues playlist is about to sound so much better…


Band photo by @emroumainphoto

Bailey Chapman
Olivia Saperstein
Samantha Westervelt

Directed and Shot by: Samantha Westervelt
Puppeteers: Bailey Chapman, Jessica Mulder, Olivia Saperstein
Production Design: Samantha Westervelt, Bailey Chapman
Editing + Motion Graphics + Special FX: Samantha Westervelt

Special Thanks to QBF Productions for Live EDS Footage

egg drop soup

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I got fired today
Because of my bad attitude
But my boss was a bitch
And I just wasn’t in the mood
Now I’m not hip
But tell me did you pick up the news
Hope it’s something exciting
‘Cause I’m fucking sick of the blues

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