Sierra Blax
5. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…maybe you’ll see, SIERRA BLAX ft. Tim Rose – “INYIM”

Sierra Blax – INYIM is available at Spotify, Apple Music. SoundCloud.

Sierra Blax

by Walter Price

With a 70s throwback R&B funk, a ton of self-deprecating sass, and a ton of reality, the recent single, “INYIM”, from Kauai-born pop-star on the rise Sierra Blax is going to groove you. The LA-based songwriter uses plenty of playfulness in admitting that she may be a bit more complicated in her ways and isn’t afraid to let you know it. This is a soundtrack-ready ode to being truthful in relationships and to one’s self and its airy vibes are perfect for an open window cruise down the PCH.

In a quote sent to the GTC, Blax talks about her pop-styling, “Although I am inspired by power-house singers like Jazmine Sullivan and Amy Winehouse, I am really loving how singers today are using the airy and subtle sides of their voices. This new style has definitely ignited a change for me and my sound. It forced me to use my soft/ falsetto voice more often and helped me discover new melodies that are digestible to the listener.”

You can stream this indelible silky soul track and its color-splash Hollywood set film, directed by Becca Hake, now at the GTC.

SIERRA BLAX ft. Tim Rose

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Written by: Sierra Blax, Tim Rose​
Produced by: Tim Rose​ , Andrew Greecen
Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Greecen
Back-up Vocals: Summer Greer
Keys: Ddidthat
Bass: Orlando Thompson

Directed by Becca Hake
Produced by Sierra Blax

Sierra Blax

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I wanted to write songs that were unapologetic, fun and audacious; we are so used to female singers sugar coating things, and I wanted to represent that female empowerment in my songwriting.” – SB

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