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9. April 2017 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO: Eamonn Dowd Departure Lounge

Eamonn Dowd Dig Into Nowhere available now.

eamonn dowd

by Walter Price


Two artists come to mind when I think about roads traveled allowing a sense of realities in music. One being Terry Lee Hale and the other being Irish legend Eamonn Dowd. Both troubadours have been around for what seems like forever. Passing through scenes and eras and accumulating those tactile experiences that make honest stories, which subsequently become the songs they share with the world.

Dowd’s new album, Dig Into Nowhere, is a stellar example of earnest and weathered memories. Looking into the past to transition histories and thoughts into the now. A fitting example is the track “Departure Lounge”. So many vision as questions in no frills perfection.


to be continued…



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Eamonn Dowd – vocals, guitars, bass, organ, tambourine
Al Cowan – drums
Jenny Menso – backing vocals

Recorded at Sonic Recording Studios, Dublin, Ireland &
Lucifer Rising, Göteborg, Sweden.

Produced by Eamonn Dowd

Video filmed & directed by Bert Deyaert