Dreamstate EP
16. November 2022 By Walter Price 0

…Smoke Stain, ROISIN O’HAGAN Dreamstate EP

Roisin O’Hagan Dreamstate EP is available on Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify

Dreamstate EP

by Walter Price

Listening to the 5 track EP “Dreamstate” from Essex singer-songwriter Roisin O’Hagan is quite the journey. While it’s been called Americana, alt-country, and the like—-perhaps there’s quite a bit more going on throughout this collection of previously released singles and a rarity than first meets the ear. Love, life, and dreams for sure are tackled but it’s O’Hagans inviting earnestness and undeniable ability to craft a melody that’ll fill endless future soundtracks and breezy fall afternoons, and it’s likely it could make a number of top pop stars want to call for song-creation advice. Time will tell…

No need for me to break down each track as the songwriter herself, in a Facebook post, has invited the listener to make the album their own, “I’m so excited for ‘Dreamstate’ to be yours and so grateful for all your support over my releases this year.” And there is no doubt that you will make it yours.

In a TikTok attention-draining new world, I’d kinda like to ask you to go straight to the closer, that previously mentioned ‘rarity’ track called “Smoke Stain”. There’s a heartbreakin’ rawness to this one. With O’Hagan’s vocals entering into sad yet confident pop song territory and a subtle and beautiful twilight arrangement, it’s a real slowburn stunner that’ll have you singing along in no time. This is one of those fabled crossover tunes that’s truly unbelievably spot on. No overproduction, the lyrics are allowed to breathe, and the storyline is more than palpable.

“Dreamstate” is a short but sweet calling card for what’s to come for the distinctly talented Roisin O’Hagan and you can stream her EP in full, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook // Artwork via Spotify

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Ahhhhh I’m so beyond excited and emotional and nervous to be sharing this project which has had so much love, growth, work, adventure, travel, and romance go into it throughout this year.” – Roisin O’Hagan (Facebook, 13 September 2022)

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