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NEU VIDEO: BLACK SWIFT – “Downpour” (Grayson/Wreden, directors)

Black Swift – Desert Rain


by Walter Price


   Black Swift have returned with a new single that explores the anxieties of waiting for tides to turn. Vocalist Sally Grayson explains, “Downpour” is about Sehnsucht, about longing to be whole, fulfilled. Like being in the desert and longing for rain.”

The track comes from the forthcoming Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, TOOL) produced EP ‘Desert Rain’. With Massy on production, you can hear the ghost of Cash’s rockabilly plucking underscoring the KT Tunstall-esque vocals. And to further twist in the dagger of disquiet, David Arzt’s guitar work has moments of malevolence. These varying elements all making for a dark and captivating sound.

For more on the song’s inspiration, Grayson says, “I wrote it on a cloudy day with that tension in the air before a downpour. It was that longing that the rain would come and wash away all that was so hard in my life at that moment. It’s not just the desire for the clouds to go away and for the sun to come out, but to want to go through the storm to be able to come out better, stronger and washed clean.”

The video, filmed and edited by Roman Wreden with co-directing duties credited to Wreden and Grayson, utilizes locations and band members as various incarnations of fear. Towards the end of the film, vivid color plays the role of real or imagined hope.



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song/video credits

Bass: Bertram Oeler
Guitar: David Arzt
Drums: Zar Monta Cola
Vocals: Sally Grayson

Producer: Sylvia Massy

Video Filmed & Edited by Roman Wreden, Directed by Sally Grayson & Roman Wreden

Album artwork: Sally Grayson


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