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I told you so WKND SPIN: THE SOAPGIRLS – “Hold On Tight” (Calls For Rebellion LP)

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by Walter Price


French sibling duo The SoapGirls are gaining a lot of well-deserved press lately. For a couple of substantial reasons. Firstly, their blend of straight-up rock, punk, and indie-garage is a welcomed escape from the overly polished fare the mainstream is force-feeding the masses. Secondly, reminiscent of Wendy O. Williams, The Slits, and Chrissie Hynde, they’ve weaponized their sexuality. These two factors provide not only thrills and chills, but respect as well.

The past couple weeks I’ve gone back to their stellar 2015 release ‘Calls For Rebellion’. A collection of raw rock numbers traveling some familiar but unique takes on the sister’s experiences. The unmistakable DIY feel to the production is tactile and, well, cool AF.

Although there are several standout tracks on this collection, if there is a track that kinda exemplifies this album and perhaps the band themselves, I’d advise you to let “Hold On Tight” be your SoapGirls gateway drug. Speaking of drugs, I waffle on whether this track is as blatant as the lyrics and it’s an ‘I told ya so’ lament about a friend’s terrible choice in a partner or a more subliminal translation is its a warning for addiction.

“Black as black she doesn’t dream in colour / Out of reach only Luci knows her number / She’ll test you out and take you for a spin / It’s her game you know you’ll never win / Lipstick smile a map straight to your heart / She won’t stop she’ll rip you right apart”

Whatever was on the minds of the songwriters at the time of conception, this song is a multi-layered soundscape. Angst and titillation all wrapped up in a no-holds-barred indie-rocker. Check out the surreal video below and add the track to your weekend spin playlist. And check out the band on the Sniff MyStrap Tour.



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