dorothy gun in my hand
7. March 2017 By Walter Price 0

Dorothy Gun In My Hand

Dorothy Gun In My Hand single from Dorothy EP & Rockisdead available now.

dorothy gun in my hand

by Walter Price


Los Angeles rock outfit Dorothy has a sound that’s rolled tight in Delta blues à la Sabbath and Zeppelin era heavy Rock N’ Roll. Which is brilliant, especially this personal gateway track I recently discovered titled, “Gun In My Hand”. A track first released in 2014 on the band’s self-titled EP and subsequently in 2016’s Rockisdead.

One of the best opening lines I’ve heard in modern era retro metal-tinged rock, “Why did love put a gun in my hand? In my bed, in my head, in my hand“. Blues lyrics are known to grab you by the heart, soul, and balls and this lyric and its entire song host is a thriller. Vocalist Dorothy Martin is one of one of those fabled powerhouse talents with the ability to skillfully blend and twist sexy, sultry, and pedal to the metal energy in seemingly effortless thrusts.

There are some downsides to Dorothy. First, there is an undeniable LA glamorization of a haughty sought-after rock genre that kind of wears thin after several listens to their two releases. And this is fastly followed by the second ‘problem’. The production is so good that it’s way too much. If you take for example similar artists Cobra Ramone and/or The Wanton Bishops you’ll find the raw, personal atmosphere is still lingering in their recordings. The raunchiness of pain, smoke, long roads still staining the provocateurs and their sounds. Dorothy needs a little more of that.

With that said, Dorothy (Martin, Dj Black, Gregg Cash, Dylan Howard) are introducing past sounds to new audiences, and that is an undeniably pretty bad ass gift.

To be continued…






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