Divining Rod
17. April 2019 By Walter Price 0

FIRST LISTEN: DIVINING ROD – Return to Crystal Cove LP

Divining Rod – Return to Crystal Cove is available, now, @ iTunes.

Divining Rod

by Walter Price


 Soon after digging into ‘Return to Crystal Cove’, the new album from Hudson Valley-based Divining Rod, you’ll come to the realization that this is not only a no-frills studio marvel, but the care taken with the lyrical structure of each track is beyond conventional indie-rock norms. Addictive vignettes pulling in and holding your attention.

And as I’m going through the album, on several occasions, I start to think that this festival-ready band could easily break into freeform jam. Sadly, this never really manifests, but what you do get is a delicious blend of Oberst, Fleet Foxes and Isbell style Americana. With hints of Jackson Browne, deep cut J Geils and flecks of 1987 U2. An exceptional brew cradling songwriter Miyuki Furtado’s intimate words.

“Writing music, to me, is like exercise – you have to do it every day, whenever you can, and you just have to keep doing it. I think that’s the most important part of writing, of any kind,” – Furtado


At the end of my first listen, I’m convinced, as you will be, that the powerful ‘Return to Crystal Cove’ is an accomplished set of personal and inspired tracks. The kinda songs you want to play at high-volume, windows down, and the sun in your rearview. And in an era when the weight of the world is becoming increasingly heavy, this set takes a load off.

‘Return to Crystal Cove’ is available now, via Kilipaki Records.



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