Madison Violet
16. April 2019 By Walter Price 0

Let’s run away together VIDEO: MADISON VIOLET – “Tell Me” (director, Jillian Martin)

Madison Violet – Everything’s Shifting is available @ iTunes.

Madison Violet

by Walter Price


The wonderment of a new relationship often finds caution blowing in the wind. Fear, acceptance, and those beautifully pesky butterflies twisting your insides could make you want to run away. The new single, “Tell Me”, from duo Madison Violet (Lisa MacIsaac & Brenley MacEachern) harkens back to their initial adventures. Adding to the bewilderment, unfortunately, was pressure to keep their burgeoning relationship under wraps.

While there are obvious comparisons to how Brandi Carlile and Lindsay White draw on personal histories to construct lovely and at times daunting tales, MV has an added interpersonal connection that is impossible to ignore. Creating a sense that this track, and their new album, is a voyeuristic journey through their truths.

The Jillian Martin-directed video brings all the sentimental experiences into focus. A desert road trip, fascination, infatuation, and life-changing memories all laid out in tactile realism. In a YouTube post, MV writes, “In 1999, we met in Toronto. We instantly formed a band and became a couple. By recommendation of some industry folk, we were told that we should hide our sexuality and our relationship. So, we ran away to the desert with our guitars in tow and wrote our first record. This video is a glimpse into our adventures and misadventures on that first road trip together.”

“Tell Me” is from the brilliant Everything’s Shifting LP, out now.



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Jillian Martin – Director/Editor
Denny Kennedy – Producer
Krystle Mullin – Creative Director
Robert Dalsey – Cameraman
Roslyn Di Sisto – Colourist
Kenz Lawren – Actor
Lauren Lapuck – Actor
Stuebe – Sound Mixer
Sandy Stewart – Special Effects
Mellissa Phillips – Co-ordinator
Sally McDermott – Hair/ Make up/ Wardrobe
Stephen Marshall – Production Assistant
Renée Olbert – Production Assistant
Caroline Young – Production Assistant
Face In The Crowd – Casting Director
Allison Miller – Wonderland Casting

Madison Violet

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