29. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Discovering Family Of The Year

“Loma Vista” out now

I wanted to share the name and a bit of music from a band that I recently started listening to and they have me completely hooked. 

The band is LA based alt-rock act Family Of The Year and I think you would like them as well, so there. The bad news is that I don’t know much about them as of now but that will change, as we have reached out to the band and we’ll continue our research. 

I do know their current release, Loma Vista, is available now and if you’re a fan of Band Of Horses, Gomez, Mumford & Son or similar acts you’ll be pleased with this group. Maybe even more, time will tell…

Here is a bit from their official bio:

Most bands function like a family, seeing how touring, writing, and studio time force them to share a lot of small spaces for extended periods of time. But Family of the Year has taken that familial feeling a step further, and not just with its moniker. The members of the Los Angeles outfit have formed unbreakable bonds amongst themselves that come from cohabitating in a run-down house and relying on each other for inspiration and support, which has led to the kind of camaraderie that allows members to finish each other’s sentences. It also doesn’t hurt that frontman Joe Keefe and drummer Sebastian Keefe are real-life siblings.
To say that Family of the Year has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time would be an understatement. In addition to Songbook, the band has issued a pair of EPs on its own Washashore Records imprint – 2009’s Where’s The Sun, 2010’s Through The Trees – in addition to last year’s 2011’s St. Croix. Songs from all four discs have made their way onto various international releases. Media attention has come from various corners of the world, including heavy rotation on French radio as well as glowing reviews from NME, BBC, IFC, Rolling Stone and Spin.
I say lets further discover what Family Of The Year is all about together. 

The FOTY website, click HERE!
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