29. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

The Black Angels Want You To Want Them, I Think…

“Indigo Meadow” out now

Good news Rock fans. Austin, TX psych rockers The Black Angels have announced European tour dates via their official webspot. 

You have never heard of such a band called The Black Angels? Well, do you like your fresh Rock N’ Roll sound to be a swell mix of Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, modern rock with a lite dash of southern rock for flavor?  Great! This is the band for you…

The Black Angels are out and about in support of their fourth studio album Indigo Meadow and it looks like they may be breaking out of the underground scene with this ‘more approachable  release and tour. Which is dandy, I think a history of great recording efforts and mesmerizing live shows have earned the band a much deserved mass following. Mind you, that a modern psychedelic rock group from Texas may not pack football stadiums but they will be seeing larger and larger capacity venues from here on. 

“The sonic template, all the same, keeps this album less intense, and far less thundering. It shimmers in a light rain interspersed with sunshine. Still, haziness persists. “I Hear Colors (Chromosthesia)” evokes woozily the dawn of acid rock, when ‘60s pop melted into distended studio (and often personal by chemical) dissolution.” – John L. Murphy (PopMatters.com)

Okay, then. Sounds great, I suppose. The best judge is you! Explore the great interwebs and watch the dozens of live videos and countless tracks available online and I bet you decide this is the band for you or at least worth the price of a concert ticket to investigate further. We hope this is the outcome. 

If you live in Germany(Yay for me), France, UK, Netherlands and Italy you’ll be on for a real treat of a live show experience. This tour starts on September 7th.

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