december 12
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Your Global Texan Weekly Top Ten For December 12, 2017 is fresh

December 12, 2017 GTC Weekly Top 10.

december 12

Thank You for coming by Global Texan Chronicles this past week as we checked out Lo Carmen’s new ‘Lovers Dreamers Fighters’, Kt Emmerson had your darkwave medicine and shared some 80’s memories. We also started to look at some of the best glam, sexy, blues, and folk holiday tracks. And our friends at Real Rock And Roll Music Blog wrapped up some fresh new rock tracks from Tax the Heat, Magic Seas, and Rews!

Plus a random amount of tidbits you should check out before Santaman gets all stuck in your chimney…Just saying.  

Here is what was clicked on the most this past week at The GTC:

DECEMBER 12, 2017

  1. New Honky Tonk Sounds: Lo Carmen – Lovers Dreamers Fighters
  2. Best Glamorous Holiday Song Ever: Creem Circus – “Glamorous Christmas”
  3. Kt Emmerson Has Your Doses of Darkwave Medicine
  4. Best Non-Traditional Holiday Song Ever: Wily Bo Walker – “For The Children”
  5. GTC Has Fresh Track Picks Real Rock And Roll Music Blog Edition December 4, 2017
  6. Kt Emmerson: Don’t Have a Cow! I’ve got your 80’s Christmas Jam, The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping
  7. Best Holiday Song Ever: Lovers Electric – I Want You (For Christmas)
  8. In His Own Words: Godfather of Gonzo Hunter S. Thompson on music as energy
  9. Best Post-Apocalyptic Holiday Song Ever: Ten Benson – “Snowman Snowgirl*
  10. KT Emmerson: Baby, is it cold outside, Swim into Surf Sounds with me, won’t you?


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