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4. December 2017 By Walter Price 0

Best Holiday Song Ever: Lovers Electric – I Want You (For Christmas)

Lovers Electric – I Want You (For Christmas) is available on YouTube.

Lovers Electric

by Walter Price


Although this hot holiday track was released in the not too long ago year of 2014, it is certainly a Christmas classic by any measure. Lovers Electric’s “I Want You (For Christmas)” is one of those seasonal pop songs that has immediate and everlasting appeal.

The true meat (delicious bacon & eggs, if you will) of the story is the track itself with its story-line timeless and its sound’s toes dipping into the waters of the mid-80’s but not drowning in the retro-cool for the sake of it all. The balance of love and seductive cravings in lyric complimented by images of choppy playfulness hits the mark. Move over Wham!

The song finds the two taking their already impressive video crafting to whole new artistic levels. Check out ‘I Want You (For Christmas)’ then for a behind the scenes making of the clip with adorable pint-sized production assistants included, click here!

On a side note: I haven’t heard much from Lovers Electric Eden Boucher and David Turley, this year and I hope they’re off in some random country creating new music.



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