De'Borah Powell
25. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

De’Borah Powell & The Benefactors – Love Can’t Be Controlled

De’Borah Powell & The Benefactors – Love Can’t Be Controlled is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

De'Borah Powell

by Walter Price

There’s a slow-burn urgency to De’Borah Powell & The Benefactors’ recent single, “Love Can’t Be Controlled”. A relatable lament on the uncontrollable urge to force the outcome of unrequited love. A story derived from the songwriter’s lived experiences, this track is as haunting as it is addictive. As Powell’s chant is repeated the intensity multiplies and the Clapton-esque guitar rides in and finishes off what was left of the cracked dam holding back your tears.

I wrote this song at the end of a prolonged season of unrequited love. At the time I was feeling offended that things hadn’t gone the way I thought they should, and wanted to control and manipulate the outcome. So the lyrics express the fact that whether love is requited or not (or turns out the way you think) hold on to it lightly, don’t operate from a place of control/entitlement but of openness – because that’s what love is in the end – an openness to life, possibility and believing the best of every person or situation.’ – De’Borah Powell

The stark accompanying film, directed by Tania Ilyashova, is full of fire portraying burning desire and a journal keeping the memories ablaze. This music video is dark and beautiful and hand in glove with a song already steeped in powerful cinematic imagery. And you can stream the single and watch the visuals, now at the GTC.


Artist photo by Matt Miller

Recorded and Produced by De’Borah Powell
Mixed and Mastered by Robert Logan

Creative Director Tania Ilyashova
Filmed by Tania Ilyashova
Edited by De’Borah Powell

De'Borah Powell

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In these times of letting go of expectations I hope it encourages you to hold things lightly with the promise and dignity of love.” – D. Powell

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