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24. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

…Hon’inbō Jōwa vs. Akaboshi Intetsu, WAVE COLLECTOR – Ghost Moves

Wave Collector – Ghost Moves is available on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud.

wave collector

by Walter Price

Portland’s Wave Collector [Neal Wright] has dropped another trippy ambient deep-rooted retro vibed space-age track, “Ghost Moves”. The master of sample collecting has gone deep into Japanese folklore to reimagine the story of Hon’inbō Jōwa and Akaboshi Intetsu. And since neither you nor I know this history, I’ll have to quote the press release…

Ghost Moves tells the story of a famous game of Gobetween rivals Hon’inbō Jōwa and Akaboshi Intetsu in 1835 Japan. According to the legend, during the game, Jōwa was given three now-famous moves to him by ghosts. When he eventually won, his opponent Intesu coughed up blood, then died shortly thereafter.”

So, not exactly a feel-good tale, but this mindblowing track is a stunningly murky and mesmerizing ode to its history. And you can stream this meticulously produced single as well as the Spotify fave, “Double Check”, now at the GTC.


Artist photo and quote courtesy of Public Display PR

Recorded and mixed by Wave Collector at the Wave Kitchen in Portland, OR

Additional samples recorded by Victor Paul Nash at Destination: Universe in Portland, OR
Some Flute, Accordion, Oboe, Saxophone, and Clarinet samples performed by Ayal Alves

Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering in Portland, OR

wave collector

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Brand new single Ghost Moves is a testament to the process of electronic songwriting: of all songs Wright has ever written, this one took the longest to compose and re-work until Wright found what he was looking for. “It was basically three songs in one,” he says.” – bio

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