Dead Agents
29. March 2019 By Walter Price 0

A Devil Inside WKND SPIN: DEAD AGENTS – “Aimless Careless” (single)

Dead Agents are available @ iTunes.

Dead Agents

by Walter Price


Remember back in the mid-90s when a shift in alt-rock was starting to form? When folks wanted something, not grunge, and not exactly Weezer, opening the door for killer sounds from bands like Toadies, Bush, and Seven Mary Three. Yeah, that was a kick-ass time to witness. Well, we’re all in luck! The UK’s Dead Agents new single, “Aimless Careless” has many of the ingredients that era mixed into the sonic landscapes. Powerful AC/DC-like licks, personal angst-filled lyrics, and with vocalist David Foster’s hint of Peter Murphy-esque lower register, there is a much-appreciated sinisterness.

But given half the chance
To play the same old hands
No life with no soul to seize.

Goodbye to the one that I’d become
So pleased to meet you.

Yeah…Why be so….yeah
Take aim, hold fire, take hold the devil inside

So, if you’re hungry for some fresh old-school alt-rock (and you are), DA’s new track is just what the doctor ordered for your weekend spin playlist.


dead agents


Adam Furmage – David James Foster – Adam Beddow – Geoff Fry

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