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…no place left to go, VIDEO: DAVID J (feat. Emily Jane White) – “I Only Hear Silence Now”

David J – Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure @ Spotify.

David J

by Walter Price

Without going into all the naughty details, back in the summer of 1989, I experienced one of my top three concerts of all time. The city was Houston, TX and on the stage, that night were headlining act Love and Rockets, opening act The Godfathers with a special appearance by The Bubblemen. Many incredible, bizarre and ineradicable incidents occurred that evening. Soundtracked by the kings of modern rock, powered by a double dose of LSD and the fact that we were driven to the event and back home again by my friend’s devout Christian parents added to the hilarious, edgy, and unforgettable evening. Oh, the memories…

Davis J of the beloved Love and Rockets and seminal goth-rock gods Bauhaus before that was already a legend in the late 80s. His perceived wink and a smile approach to the important music that had moved us throughout our formative years can not be forgotten. And he’s returned with a hauntingly cinematic reworking of one of his first solo tracks, 1983’s “I Only Hear Silence Now” (Etiquette of Violence). Now featuring the ethereal vocals of Emily Jane White and a striking and somber piano replaces the original’s sparse guitar. Which creates the feeling that it’s soundtracking a melancholy scene from Lars von Trier.

The accompanying collaborative video is explained in a David J quotes provided to the GTC, “This video was pieced together over several months. Most of the footage was shot by the intrepid Pierre Malacarnet at Beck Studios in Wellingborough, the site of the original Bauhaus recording of ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’. I filmed the game and lovely Emily Jane White in a 19th Century bathtub in San Francisco. Pierre then shot some other cutaway scenes in Berlin and edited the whole thing together quite brilliantly. The mood of the film resonates perfectly with that of the music,”

The refreshed version of “I Only Hear Silence Now” is from the beautifully done double album, ‘Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure’. Which is available on most platforms, now.

DAVID J feat. Emily Jane White

Artist photo by Adam De Ville // PR by Shameless Promotion PR

David J
Emily Jane White

Filmed by • David J, Pierre_M, Mac “Click” Malak
Edited by • Pierre Malacarnet

Produced by David J & Si Je Veux Production

David J

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