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10. February 2015 By Walter Price 1

Cobra Ramone BANG BANG

cobra ramone

Snakedust, Cobra, Pat
(foto Mark Maryanovich)

There ain’t no one who gets to break my fucking heart…

by Walter Price


Bang Bang saunters into the room with a dirty mix of oversized cajones and dripping in the swagger of thick and low down blues rock n’ roll, Canada’s finest Cobra Ramone are back. After a two year wait after their massively underrated self-titled album the band and namesake have done what few can. Better themselves in what is now the new soundtrack to endless amounts of late night debauchery, drunk love, greenbacks on the stage and fists to the face.

Cobra Ramone’s mystery is and has always been enhanced by her no excuses approach to songwriting. Only to be bested by what is her, the most powerful unknown voice in rock. Complimented once again by the better than the players in your band Trevor Snakedust and the growing legend that is Pat Steward (w/ Scott Whalen & Lochlin Cross). These musicians slam power, lust and grit out of their weapons of soul destruction.

Will the new EP Bang Bang be there breakout? Since the world is just, hell yeah! Set for release 13 February, Bang Bang is easily in the running for best release of 2015, so far.

Pour a stiff one, buckle up and put “She Don’t Know” in your ears…


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Bang Bang Tracklist

“Here Comes the Flood”

“Bang Bang”

“Never Survive”

“She Don’t Know”

“I’m A Mess”