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28. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

…how to do better each time, SINGLE/VIDEO: SHANNON & the CLAMS – The Boy [Onion LP]

Shannon & the Clams – Onion are available @ Easy Eye Sound.

Shannon & the Clams - The Onion

by Walter Price

Its simply and sadly a fact of life, there will be someone who will bestow on you their childhood pains. Usually in the form everlasting belittlements. Painful and confusing to a young mind, but, with a glimmer of hope and a strong malleable self, you will learn to adjust, and perhaps persevere.

I know it’s a bit late, but never the less, Oakland’s Shannon & the Clams’ 2017 single, “The Boy”, expresses such experiences. Hidden just under the skin of their nostalgia doo-wop, addictive harmonies and Bay Area psych is tactile emotion. Maybe the songwriter’s indelible personal memories, all laid out in catchy hooks for the world to sympathetically experience. With all this track’s authenticity and harsh realities, there’s also hope. And it’s almost impossible not to wipe a tear or more, away.

“The Boy”, is from the underrated emotional rollercoaster on an album ‘Onion’ (2018), available via Easy Eye Sound. You can stream the LP on Spotify and watch the Ryan Daniel Browne film below.

For fans of The Chantels and The Blank Tapes.

[ 27. January 2020 ]


Director: Ryan Daniel Browne
Producer: Tahlia Harbour
Production Company: Whole Point Productions

‘Onion’, produced by Dan Auerbach

Band photo via Facebook

Shannon Shaw
Cody Blanchard
Nate Mahan
Will Sprott

shannon and the clams

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When I was a boy
I learned not to cry
My daddy would scream
I learned how to rhyme
That fool cut off this ribbon of mine
Leading me back before we unwind

If you ever change your mind
If you ever change your mind

I learned how to do better each time
I buried his heart and years went on by
But what do you do when there’s nothing inside?
Lost in the day covered in vines

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