Chuck Prophet
30. January 2020 By Walter Price 0

C’mon man, VIDEO/SINGLE: CHUCK PROPHET – “Get Off The Stage” [Kendra Morris, director]

Chuck Prophet – Get Off The Stage is available at Apple Music.

Chuck Prophet

by Walter Price

With his trademark wordsmithery and subtle blatancy in hand, San Francisco troubadour Chuck Prophet drops an affecting surprise track and video, “Get Off The Stage”. And it says a lot about the current ever divisive goings-on and the utilization of platforms. In his been-there-and-done-it take-it-easy tone, the songwriter sings…

While you, you’ve got your crew
and the Secret Service too
and your wife from the EU
But you’re no good at rhyming

So hey, get down off that stage
We’ve heard everything you’ve got to say
You’ve been calling all the shots
You’ve got us all tied up in knots
C’mon man, get off the stage

Now me, I spend half of my life
In an Econoline van
With my band and my wife
And when she steps up to the mic
I’ve seen grown men burst out crying

While you, you’ve got an ugly mouth
You got no heart at all, except for your Russian pal
You’re an obstruction in democracy’s bowel
And the patient is dying

No need to mince sentiments…and this zeitgeist song, says what a lot of us are thinking, yet in a catchier wink-and-a-smile singalong fashion. Check out the Kendra Morris directed, co-created by Julia Haltigan, stop-motion film below.


Artists photo via / (High as Johnny Thunders single)

Directed by Kendra Morris
Created by Kendra Morris & Julia Haltigan
Dead Phone 13 Productions

Chuck Prophet

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