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19. March 2017 By Walter Price 0

Legends Talk Chuck Berry

“If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’.” – John Lennon

Sadly and with honor, we’re celebrating the man himself, Chuck Berry! Sure, there has been some debate on who created the Rock N’ Roll sound. Berry, Joe Hill Lewis, Bill Haley, Ike Turner’s Kings Of Rhythm or some forgotten blues man the world will never know… Does it really matter? Hail hail, NO!

“You didn’t know whether Chuck Berry was black or white – it was not a concern.” – Keith Richards

  What is resoundingly certain is that the world of Rock N’ Roll would be devastatingly different without your soul bending guitar licks and remarkably crafty lyrics. So, a huge thank you as you have been called home….

“I found a sound that people really liked – I found this basic concept and all I did was change the lyrics and the melody a little bit. My songs, if you listen to them, they’re quite a lot alike, like Chuck Berry.” – Buck Owens

“I met him loads of times and always got on well. But I think Keith (Richards) always thought of him as more of a hero than I did and therefore was more disappointed with him when he was rather rude and overbearing.” – Mick Jagger

“I never liked blues and I really didn’t like jazz. I liked Chuck Berry.” – Johnny Ramone

“If you want to play rock ‘n’ roll or any upbeat number … you end up playing like Chuck.” – Eric Clapton

  We’ve heard from the rest, now let’s hear from the best… chuck berry

“I grew up thinking art was pictures until I got into music and found I was an artist and didn’t paint.” – Chuck Berry

“Of the five most important things in life, health is first, education or knowledge is second, and wealth is third. I forget the other two.” – Chuck Berry

“Rock’s so good to me. Rock is my child and my grandfather.” – Chuck Berry

“They [black and white musicians] jived between each other. All were artists, playing foolish, having fights and making love as if the rest of the world had no racial problems whatsoever.” – Chuck Berry

“Don’t let the same dog bite you twice” – Chuck Berry


Charles Edward Anderson Berry

October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017