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30. July 2016 By Walter Price 0

The Chris Rolling Squad Help Me

Chris Rolling SquadVIDEO: The Chris Rolling Squad – “Help Me” by Walter Price   French rocker Chris Rolling’s recent EP The Chris Rolling Squad is one of those albums that immediately captures the imagination of any music fan. The stellar musicianship, the blending of genres in a concoction of blues laced Rock N Roll, garage and rockabilly carrying personal tales feels and is as authentic as anything in recent memory. The powerful track “Help Me”  is a story of struggle, coming to terms with whatever sorrow the songwriter had personally experienced. The brilliant classic rock blues guitar work is nicely matched to the story-line with the rhythm section driving the desperate message home. Rolling recently told me about the tracks, “This one is about something many of us have experienced, you know that sensation of being lost, empty, to be at the end of the road, well it’s sounds like a manic depression and I guess I had several of them in the past, I was miserable, sad, and to help I was drinking like mad, taking drugs and shit, and the result was like visiting the kingdom of Satan, I was asking the others to help me and I made them responsible for all my misfortunes, you know it’s like whatever happens it’s always others fault, it’s more easy to react that way rather than face yourself and watch where you’re guilty, this state lasted a while before I wake up and start to change it, so a really bad trip but at the end it gave me a song, again maybe I had to go through this.” The new video’s  point of view comes from a unrelated but similar story of a young woman who had, in the past, let alcohol and drugs destroy her life and relationships. At one point she found herself alone squatting in a horrible Berlin apartment and many of her late nights were spent on a tram or bus riding aimlessly through the city looking for something or someone but more plausible is that she was hoping someone or something would find her.     The Chris Rolling Squad Chris Rolling : Guitar/ Vocals Brice Duval : Bass Romain Cauneau : Drums   The Chris Rolling Squad Facebook / Bandcamp (Produced by The Artist Biography Company and directed by Walter Price)       social media translations