Chris Housman Drag Queen
5. June 2023 By Walter Price 0

…one helluva show, CHRIS HOUSMAN Drag Queen

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Chris Housman Drag Queen

by Walter Price

With a golden-toned voice reminiscent of Josh Turner and a beat that should fill dancehalls from sea to sea, Chris Housman’s “Drag Queen” is a grand ole story song for modern times. A day in the life of schoolteacher Mike who, after a long day sips a glass of wine and starts his journey to becoming a more-dolled-up-than-Dolly, ‘6″5 Michelle.

A sweet goodhearted track made even more fun by the song’s video. With the backstage look at a drag show in the making as Housman meanders through with a smooth dance move here and there for good measure. Directed by the cool named Ford Fairchild and starring a cast of beauties Arsyn, Perplexity, Sasha Dereon, Ivy St. James, Vanity, Deception, and Obsinity—This music video is an outright gem.

But if all this wasn’t enough to swoon ya, the video’s YouTube description mentions that “All royalties from “Drag Queen” will be donated to Just Us at Oasis Center, providing direct resources for at risk LGBTQ+ youth in Middle Tennessee”

As I said, good-hearted is the foundation of this good-time single and you can stream “Drag Queen” and see its video, here at the GTC.


Article cover photo via YouTube // Artwork via Spotify

No song credits were readily available

VIDEO: Directed by Ford Fairchild
Director of Photography: Jake Heidecker
Producer: Rebecca Adler
Drag Queens: Arsyn, Perplexity, Sasha Dereon, Ivy St. James, Vanity, Deception, Obsinity
Filmed at Play Dance Bar in Nashville, TN

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