Cherry Pickles
14. January 2019 By Walter Price 0

Bring The Noise: CHERRY PICKLES – “Elvis Exorcist” (single)

Cherry Pickles are available @ Bandcamp. by Walter Price   There isn’t much I could find out about Birmingham eclectic duo Cherry Pickles. I do know the outfit consists of Mimi B (from the UK smiles and plays drums) and Priscila B (from Brazil, sings and plays guitar). I know they’ve recently inked a deal with PNKSLM Recordings, who will release their forthcoming album. I’ve also surmised that the band is into sonic-mischief as they concoct some of the wildest multi-genre Rock N’ Roll. Punk, surf, power.pop, and post-grunge ingredients blended into in your face brilliance. Their recent single “Elvis Exorcist” shouldn’t be dissected, it should be blasted at a neighbor disturbing volume.  


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Article cover art was created by Priscila Baker.  

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