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In His Own New Words: Ryan Adams on the lyrics of “Doylestown Girl” (Big Colors)

Ryan Adams – ‘Big Colors’ to be released 4/19 via PAX-AM.

Big Colors


Put my head into my hands
Like nobody understands
No one did and somehow I met you
Watching TV after dark
Watching Charlie in the park
Laughing at me in some restaurant

I don’t know how somebody loves me
I don’t know why you even do
I don’t know how I ever survived without you
All I ever do is cause you trouble
And I got all these things to work through

It’s mean, old world and life is tough
Every day it’s all too much
Then I see your face come shining through
Holding hands in long, black robes
Movies, popcorn, nose to nose
Everything makes sense when I’m with her
I love my Doylestown girl
Love my Doylestown girl
Love my Doylestown girl-irl
Love my Doylestown girl-irl



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