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…everything is fine, SINGLE: CHEEKFACE – We Need a Bigger Dumpster

Cheekface – We Need a Bigger Dumpster is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, NPM.


by Walter Price

Indie-rock trio Cheekface seems to thrive in the nuanced absurdities of modern society. Like Gibby Haynes, Cake, and Calvin Johnson before them, this outfit creates songs that twist the social conscience’s narrative into tracks that ride the line of tongue-in-cheek, zeitgeist poetic, and “hey, that’s what I was thinking but wouldn’t dare verbalize it, out loud, anyway”.

Their recent single “We Need a Bigger Dumpster” is an indelible example of this group’s power of observation. I wouldn’t call it scathing but it does have a bit of wtf is going on all around us quality.

Let’s just assume, for the sake of argument
That Chapstick causes chapped lips
And sunscreen causes sunburns
And music causes hearing loss
And bottled water makes you thirsty
And I am just a cat watching another cat on TV

I lit a match
I threw it in the trash
I tossed it all in the dumpster
The dumpster fire got bigger
Now we need a bigger dumpster and a book of matches

Everything is fine

If you’re not already a fan of critic-faves Cheekface, you can stream this brilliant track as well as the band’s phenomenal ‘Emphatically No.’ LP, here at the GTC. Then you’ll certainly find yourself a willing follower of these purveyors of thought-provoking indie rock interwoven with truths and a wink.

CHEEKFACE – We Need a Bigger Dumpster

+ Emphatically No.

Band photo via Bandcamp

Music and lyrics by Cheekface

Amanda Tannen on bass guitar and backing vocals
Greg Katz on vocals and guitar
Mark Echo Edwards on drums and percussion

Recorded by Cheekface
Mixed by Alex Newport
Mastered by Carl Saff

Cover art by Amanda Tannen


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Advil, Tylenol
There is no relief
I only want to be with other people like me

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