Catnyp IIII
9. May 2022 By Walter Price 0


Catnyp IIII is available at Bandcamp, Deezer, Apple Music.

Catnyp IIII

by Walter Price

Believe it or not, there have been some highlights throughout the chaos of the pandemic. Most notably, the artistic offerings from all corners of the world. Perfectly exemplified by Missoula-based singer-songwriter Henderson K Shatner’s CATNYP. Single after single has showcased this song-crafter’s range and style in both pop and rock. Nary is there a sonic clone to be heard over his prolific Covid-era output.

Regardless if you’re a fan of The Beatles, The Lightning Seeds, J Tillman, or Elvis Costello, Shatner has something you’ll dig. Nicely demonstrated on his latest LP, “IIII”. A 14-track set that travels the realities of this songwriter’s surroundings over the past couple of years. Of course, the singles we’ve covered over the past year are there, but the real gems are the deep cuts.

“Bombay & Butterfly”, “Houdini”, “Mainstreamlining”, and “Waiting For Goodyear” are all worth the long and highly anticipated wait for this album to drop. Also proving, once again, that this songwriter will not be easily pigeonholed. Pure rock n roll escapism through and through.

You can stream CATNYP IIII, now at the GTC.


Artist photo courtesy of CATNYP

Henderson K Shatner
Feat. Ariana Colts, Billy Reese, Emily Dolan Davies

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“Catnyp is powered by HKS: multi-instrumentalist-writer-producer. As such, Catnyp retains a tight focus and sound; Catnyp is whoever HKS is working with at any given moment (or, often the case, solo)…You’ll see some references to The Beatles, Paul McCartney and Wings, Radiohead, Weezer, Pixies, Nirvana, XTC, Elvis Costello, The Three Nicks (Nick Cave, Nick Drake, Nick Lowe), Claypool Lennon Delirium, Beck, Squeeze, Rickenbacker, Hofner, basses, 12-string guitars, singer-songwriter stuff, photography, poetry, and other ingredients inspiring Eccentric modern classic that makes Catnyp.” – bio

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