Best Of The Broken Things
10. May 2022 By Walter Price 0

…think it’s worth repeating, KEN YATES Best Of The Broken Things

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Best Of The Broken Things

by Walter Price

On his recent single, “Best Of The Broken Things”, acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter Ken Yates certainly knows a thing or two about blurring the lines between honest introspection and emotional projection. Fans of Beruit, Band of Horses, and My Morning Jacket will certainly feel right at home within the walls of this spacious track.

In a quote provided to the GTC, Yates provides some insight on what brought him to write this song, “I originally wrote this song imagining it was a pep talk to another person. I sent a rough demo to a friend, and he mentioned it sounded like I was talking to myself. I started tweaking the lyrics as if I was looking in the mirror and giving the pep talk to my own reflection. This song was a bit of a turning point on this album (“Cerulean”, expected on June 3), when I realized the person who served as the “you” in a lot of these songs was really just me parsing through my own feelings.”

Awe, the beauty of contemplations forming a near-perfect circle around one’s existence or perhaps just a brief moment of clarity. Nonetheless, “Best Of The Broken Things” is a picturesque song to soundtrack that next long solo drive and maybe nudge you into accepting what is, simply is. So keep on truckin’, as they say.

You’ll want to listen all the way through so you can catch the indelible harmonies provided by Caroline Marie Brooks, they’re all the extra dreamy (if not a bit haunting) one could hope for. You can stream “Best Of The Broken Things” as well as two previous singles “Consolation Prize” and “The Big One”, here at the GTC.

KEN YATES Best Of The Broken Things

Artist photo, album artwork, and quote courtesy of Big Hassle Media

Written by: Ken Yates
Produced by: Jim Bryson
Mixed/Mastered by: Philip Shaw Bova

VIDEO: Director: Adam Cook
Director of Photography: Nicholas Marinelli
Produced by: Neon Grey Films

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Broken does as broken is
Some things that break don’t need to be fixed
Sometimes you try and the pieces don’t fit

And the worst pain comes with no bleeding
When you’re stuck staring at the ceiling
But I think it’s worth repeating
You’re the best of the broken things
The best of the broken things

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