7. June 2014 By Walter Price 0

Cardboard Box

By J.P. Kallio

You know, I am fully aware lot of my songs are quite on a heavy side when it comes to the subjects. So this week’s song “Cardboard Box”, I thought It was time to lighten up a bit, but still the way that is true to me.
But of course the story in the song has some deeper issues as well. It’s funny by the way; I’ve noticed the songs that tell a story are the ones I am happiest with. Also when I look for new music or albums to review it’s the stories that gets me first. I think we need more stories in today’s music. All of my heroes were as much storytellers, as great musicians. And it’s the one thing I am really looking forward to when I eventually will take all these songs on the road, is to tell the stories through the music. I think that’s where the roots of music always were, and it’s the stories that will stand the test of time.
So let’s set the scene, a man has left his home, due to break up, broken heart. On his way somewhere, anywhere, just to get as far away as possible form the memories. After long day on the road, he finds a small town and strange bar to quench the thirst. I bet you all have at some stage walked in to a strange bar, where everyone checks you out as you walk in. And the rest is in the song, so if you didn’t hit the play on the SoundCloud player above yet, do so now.
There are still few more songs left in the album, but it will be available to download from next Tuesday, the 10th of June…Exiting times.
And I personally think this week’s song requires a cold beer to go with it. So help yourself to a bottle of your preferred brew, hit the play again and share it with your friends.
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