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Captain Royale’s Yacht Rock, Ahoy!

By Alle Royale
Captain Royale is gonna take you on a trip, sit comfortably, have a drink and just think about hot women smiling…it’s yacht rock time!…and Captain Royale has chosen for you the perfect soundtrack for the sunny day and the endless night.
Since there is continued copyright problems in Germany, please enjoy the mixed medias and be amazed at these glorious and gorgeous songs I have gathered for your pleasures. 
Hall & Oates – Private Eyes
“To choose a single song from Daryll and John was a sort of impossible task, since they are the kings of things going smooth without losing their edge”
Chicago – Hard Habit To Break
“Think about the song with more chords changes you know…well, Chicago doubled that just in the bridge passage of their shortest song, and this gem is no exception: pure artistry”
Toto – 99
“Toto are amazing musicians and they passed a good deal of their lifetimes trying to show how they could rock hard as anyone else; but it’s when things go smooth that they really delight the Captain”
The Doobie Brothers – Takin It To The Streets
“Get ready ladies and gentlemen, this will bring some well deserved groove on board the ship”
Steeely Dan – Rikki Don’t Lose That Number
“There’s no limit to the talents of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker and their army of inspired session musicians; this way also a song about Rick Derringer could be the perfect companion of a sunny day on the sea”
Christopher Cross – Ride Like The Wind
“The obvious choice would have been “Sailing”, depicting exactly what a yacht lifestyle philosophy is all about, but i choosed this track because is simply one of the best pop rock staples ever written”
America – Survival
“When America met Russ Ballard, they stopped being the ultra-boring folk balladeers they were to morph into a soft rock creature of many delightful facets”
Fleetwood Mac– Go Your Own Way
“Sometimes matches are made in heaven and the late 70’s Macs are just that: musical perfection”
Chris Rea – Loving You  
“Chris is a great guitar player, singer and songwriter and even if his works often stretch in blues territories, his beginnings as a soft rock Midas cannot be forgotten by this yacht crew”
Dr. Hook – Sylvia’s Mother
“This song has been with me since forever; i still remember my mother playing me her 7″ as a child, and the emotions i get are still the same”
Player – Baby Come Back
“Italian readers could be amused by the fact that this is the band of bass player Ronn Moss, aka Ridge Forrester of the soap opera “The Bold and The Beautiful”, simply called “Beautiful” there. Well, have a listen and enjoy the waves”
Balance – Breaking Away
“One of the greatest bands that didn’t make it, Balance counted on the talents of former Blues Magoos’ singer extraordinaire Peppy Castro, and if that was not enough for the whole world to know, it’s enough for us”
If you live outside of Germany, please view this worthy gem HERE!
Bob Seger – Still The Same
“I know some of you will cringe reading the name of Bob Seger next to the ones of these soft rock champions, but on this dreamy piece, Bob is as melodic as it gets.
Alle Royale