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In Her Own Supportive Words: BRYDE on women musicians + video for “To Be Brave”

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“I think women are supporting each more than ever and there’s an amazing feeling of solidarity within women in music. There are also a whole wealth of noisy female-fronted bands rising to the top. I think most men are noticing the inequality around them and realizing how crazy it was and sometimes still is. That’s so helpful and encouraging. A lot of what occurs is just about unconscious bias and assumptions of what roles are male or female.

“I mean I wish it wasn’t necessary but without making a point of highlighting people from diverse backgrounds and both genders at things like festivals you don’t get that representation that children and young people need to be encouraged to say, “play drums in a band or be a sound engineer or a lighting technician”…

“…The negative experiences I’ve encountered have mainly been having to work extra hard to prove my ability, knowledge or experience in music business roles. Or (not so much recently) when sound-checks have involved some very obvious dismissive moments where my band have noticed the difference in how I’m treated. There’s also a lot more emphasis on appearance with female musicians which can definitely detract from the quality of the music.”




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The quote comes from the Kimberley-Marie Sklinar article for never enough notes (NEN). Article foto via facebook.


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