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31. March 2020 By Walter Price 0

Imagine all the pretty cuts, VIDEO/SINGLE: BROKEN BABY – Meat Week [Tony Diaz, director]

Broken Baby – Meat Week is available at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

On the corner where The Slits and Blondie meet resides LA indie rockers, Broken Baby. A dynamite duo forging their own fiery brand of post-punk rock n roll. More often than not, with a stout social conscience. And while the world distances itself from itself, movements like #MeToo and names like Brett Kavanaugh seem like faded memories. That is until you introduce yourself to this band’s scathing single “Meat Week”. A not so subtle rebuke of the misogynistic norms that plague society.

Find them, french them, finger them, elect them
fuck them, forget them, marry and protect them
Here’s another slab
Oil up your abs
Come on twist and shout
With a pillow over your mouth

What’s mine was never mine
Once more victim is a whore
Behind every closed door

Imagine all the pretty cuts
They let ya do what ya want….

The not for the squeamish music video, directed by Tony Diaz and reminiscent of Larry Clark’s Kids, is a VHS assault on what was shouldn’t be today. Dickheads, intoxicants, media, and social rankings weaponized against women…with no consequences. Rather, the perpetrators are rewarded with upward success as the messengers are, more often than not, silenced. This film is a reminder that this perma-rape-culture nightmare is real. And the need for change is ongoing and name-checking the perps should never recede. And if these excruciating and all-too-important topics come wrapped in vigorous indie rock, all the better for spreading the message…

For fans of L7 and/or Hands Off Gretel and you can check out the powerful track and its must be shared retro-styled film, below.


Band photo via Facebook

Written and Produced by Broken Baby
Amber Bollinger – vocals
Alex Dezen – guitar, vocals
Adam Popick – bass
Brian Griffin – drums

Shot, Directed and Edited by Tony Diaz
Makeup: Gladys Diaz

Kyle Rezzarday as Brett Kavanaugh
Abby Hilden
Ria Gaudioso
Riley Claire
Caroline O’Neil
Jack Fitz
Ben Russell
Tiarra Monae Anderson
Eric Lyons
Ashley Diane Currie
Michael Cohen
Ryan Healy
Ashley Healy

Special thanks to Palo Santo Records, Magdalene Herring, Pizza, Peerspace, Brooklyn Bagels, but absolutely no thanks to Brett Kavanaugh and Trump’s America.

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Brainchild of wunderkind newcomer Amber Bollinger and rock veteran/producer Alex Dezen (The Damnwells), LA-based Broken Baby is an uncompromising rock band with post-punk edge and melodic appetites. Formed out of the ashes of failed relationships, both romantic and musical…” – bio

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