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Lemme tell you bout my dream, VIDEO/SINGLE: URSAE – “Trust” [Ben Klein, director]

Ursae – Trust / Distance EP are available now @ Apple Music.


by Walter Price

Is this real or is this just fantasy, will come to mind as you take in the surreal music video for New York-based Ursae’s new single “Trust”. Directed by Ben Klein and starring Martin Pfefferkorn as a Bladerunner-esque character that could be either hero or foe…Perception and interpretation are in the balance in this mesmerizing indie-film short. The stylistic and weighty way Klein uses light is worth several looks alone.

Visuals that nicely serve the uniquely crafted rebuilding of one’s self lyrics. Forgoing what and how conventional pop songs should be or say, Andy Campbell, is forging a path all his own. “I’ve exchanged the experimental avant-pop of my previous music for a brand of storytelling that is much more focused, with my singing front-and-center instead of hidden in the back”, Campbell explains.

lemme tell you bout my dream
everybody knew my name
and you’re here next to me
listening from miles away
you gather up your long hair, givin me your blank stare
“finished? finished?”
it seems like you don’t care
about dreams if you’re not there
in them

Sung in a voice reaching heights that seem impossible to maintain, added to the visuals and songwriting, you walk away from this track needing more time to figure it all out…and therewithin lies its powers.


Director & Editor: Ben Klein
Cinematographer: Alex Hufschmid
Featuring Martin Pfefferkorn & Luke Wehner

Written by Andy Campbell
Produced by Jeremy McDonald & Andy Campbell
Additional Engineering by Blake Ortiz-Goldberg
Mixed by Ryan Gilligan
Mastered by Joe Laporta

Artist photo by Sara Laufer


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