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15. July 2017 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO: Black Swift new single – “Called to Love”

Black Swift new album SEE ME HUMAN out 21 July 2017 on iTunes.

black swift new

by Walter Price


Poems and/or songs that have a ‘call to action’ message per se, can easily be cliché heavy. Black Swift have bypassed the clichés, and replaced them with collage for their brilliant and powerful new video/single “Called to Love”. A track from their forthcoming album, See Me Human (out July 21, 2017).

See Me Human is their follow-up to the captivating 2014 release, The World Howls. This time around, the band and its lead vocalist and, dare I say, “mastermind”, Sally Grayson is at her most confident. Perhaps her stint on The Voice Germany, or her growing fan-base, or could it be she (and her band: Zar Monta Cola, Bertram Oeler, and David Arzt ) have simply found their groove. Yes, and undoubtedly much more.

The before mentioned video for the new single “Called to Love” is a timely and important call for positivity and hope. Much needed thoughts wrapped in blazing and crisp blues and punk tinged rock n roll. Sally Grayson wrote in a Facebook post, “I wrote this song to remind myself of what I am for rather than what I am against.To be called to love is a very hard calling. It’s a call to non-violence and creative problem solving fueled by strength and wisdom. Part of the text is from one of Dr. King’s beautiful and poetic speeches. I tested this song out at the Women’s March on Washington (in Heidelberg) and had the crowd singing along – you hear it and see it in the song!”

Check out the video and be sure to pre-order SEE ME HUMAN.


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Song Info
Sally Grayson: Text, Vocals, Guitar David Arzt: Guitar Bertram Oeler: Bass Zar Monta Cola: Drums Raphaela Beer, Moritz Brümmer, Zar Monta Cola, Sally Grayson: Group vocals
(1 contains excerpts from Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech in London in 1965;Text: Martin Luther King Jr.)
Recorded at Castle Rohrsdorf, Dresden Germany
Engineered and Mastered by Arno Jordan
Mixed by Gabriel Sullivan

Video Info
Directed and Edited by: Sally Grayson
Videographers: Jason Shelley, Veronika Smoor, Kirsten Hellstern