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8. February 2019 By Walter Price 0

WKND SPIN: THE Y AXES – “How We Begin” (Video), from the upcoming ‘No Waves’ album

“How We Begin” is from the forthcoming ‘No Waves’ album via Bandcamp. how we begin by Walter Price   To individual degrees, we’re all dealing with the bombardments of political insanities, social media vortexes, and uber correctnesses that create anxieties. The world around us seems increasingly unmanageable. Perhaps we should just say fuck it and move along with our lives. Who needs to be engulfed by things we cannot control anyway… San Francisco’s The Y Axes have a new single, “How We Begin”, examining similar thoughts in these desperate times. Although this subject matter seems a bleak choice for your weekend spin, it really isn’t. Consider the way band’s like The Smiths and Sonic Youth could tell tales of misery that made your day…The Y Axes have that same sort of post-punk power with this new track. Where there is angst, there is hope…if you want it. Check out the band, friends, and fan-shot video.below and add this track to your WKND SPIN playlist. It’s the right thing to do  


Alexi Belchere – Devin Nelson – Paul Conroy – Jack Sundquist + Alan Chen

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VIDEO CREDITS Shot by Arielle Ludwig, Philip Liborio Gangi, Fred Hausman III, Alexi Belchere, Ted Maider, and more Edited by Alexi Belchere Music by The Y Axes, Produced by Hellam Sound Projections by Jack Sundquist  

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