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24. July 2015 By Walter Price 0

Bec Sandridge In The Fog, In The Flame

bec sandridge videoI wonder when your love ran dry…

by Walter Price


Rockstars are hard to come by in this disposable music era but I think there is an artist that fits the bill in multiple layers. Bec Sandridge has just released a new track “In The Fog, In The Flame” that finds a mix of 80’s soulful pop-rock and nostalgic synths and plays perfectly Kim Carnes meets John Cafferty. Sandridge’s beautiful one of a kind vocal delivery and aesthetic scream attention and you become hopelessly captivated. Longevity in a music career is based on sincerity (or should be) and her lyrics move in tactile personal experience.

The Glasgow and Sydney based singer-songwriter told me this about the new single, “I wrote ITFITF when I got back from a whirlwind trip in Europe! I’d spent a quick but amazing month overseas traveling with another Australian musician (Mark Wilkinson), and we’d toured throughout Germany, Amsterdam and the UK… I guess it’s somewhat about someone I was seeing in Scotland. When I got home, everything seemed quite intense but then all of a sudden they kept disappearing and then coming back into my life at their convenience and I was just sick of them not making up their mind. So i thought I’d write a song about it…”

I also would like to mention the remarkable job director Rose Hendry did with the accompanying video (Out next week). Evoking several feeling sweet, intriguing and inspirational depth in storyline. Just watch dancer Jessica Whitbourn for a few minutes and you’ll be sold. After you check out “In The Fog, In The Flame” head over to Bec Sandridge YouTube page and get pleasantly lost for a while.


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