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25. July 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Dangermaker

damgermaker bandWhen people ask I never really know who to compare us to, I think I give a different answer every time. People like familiarity; I kind of like to be surprised…” – Adam Burnett

by Walter Price


So there I was earlier today walking around the ghetto side of Leipzig listening to a rotation of 70’s Bowie and pre Zooropa U2 and somehow Arctic Monkeys popped on. Weird since I don’t remember owning any due to the fact they are pretty weak in the dynamics and likability departments. It got me to thinking about how there aren’t too many charismatic anthem ready up and coming bands that rock my noggin and then I switched it up and added Dangermaker to my playlist and it dawned on me, this is a band that has all the tools, the abilities, the players and the charm in sonic construction to be the next big ones. They could be the outfit to save the world from the likes of The 1975, Arcade Fire and God awful The Strokes perhaps takeover where the mighty Oasis left off. Made my day better and it will yours as well, here are 3 Reasons Why Dangermaker.


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