Back to Life
26. January 2023 By Walter Price 0

…keep on tryin’, NATHALIE MIRANDA Back to Life

Nathalie Miranda’s Back to Life is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer

Back to Life

by Walter Price

It’s no secret, that in a post-pandemic world still fraught with social media anxieties, a litany of worldly turmoils or whatever it may be putting us through the mental wringer — leaving many with feelings of an uncertain future for themselves or their identities. Whomever or whatever that may be from day to day. Worry not for a few minutes and get yourself a jolt of positive reinforcement and vibe to a new anthem for anyone ready to be so bold as to love who they are and face the world headlong. I’m speaking of London 1980s pop revivalist Nathalie Miranda’s empowering anthem “Back to Life”. Of course.

In the dusk-to-dawn music video’s description, Miranda says of the reinforcing single, “I’ve spent most of my life trying to be anybody else but me. I’ve tried to change who I am, what I like, how I look, how I sound, all in an attempt to conform to someone else’s idea of what I should be. ‘Back To Life’ is about breaking free from all those hang-ups and finally accepting yourself for who you are.”

If you’re a fan of the big sounds of the 80s pop divas, dancefloor-ready grooves, and ready to embrace the beautifully unique you—take the reins and lower the car windows and stream “Back to Life” on 11, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via YouTube // Album artwork via Bandcamp

Writers: Nathalie Cookson/Simon Cookson

VIDEO: Directed by David Brant (VyBrant Images)
Make Up – Maria McKenna

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The heat is rising
I’m realising there’s a long road ahead
I keep on tryin’
Something inside me pushing me to the edge
Into the unknown

Now I’m breaking free, I can finally be the real me

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