The Memphis Tapes
25. January 2023 By Walter Price 0

LUCIE TIGER The Memphis Tapes

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The Memphis Tapes

by Walter Price

Someplace between Lo Carmen’s raw authenticity and Miranda Lambert’s sassy with plenty of Sun Studio’s ghosts filling in the gaps, Australian country singer Lucie Tiger’s ‘The Memphis Tapes’ is a stripped-down affair for country music purists. Recorded live in the famed Memphis studio that launched a million rocknroll and a-billy careers from Charlie Feathers and Carl Perkins to the one and only Elvis, there’s a lot of good ole music makin’ fun goin’ here.

Producer Daniel Crockett didn’t muddle it up with too much studio wizardry. Rather, he lets Tiger’s songs breathe their most unadulterated selves. Hearing her fingers on the strings letting her guitar style radiate, the air in the room as accompaniments, and allowing the singer’s voice do its natural thing—culmaínating in a once-in-a-lifetime 10-track-LP that not only must have checked a bucket list goal for Tiger but gave us country music fans an authentic singer-songwriter experience. Not to mention all this raw real-time recording style allows some really good sing-a-long lines to shine throughout. Check out “Bucket of Beers”, “Gasoline”, “The Devil You Know” and the closing track “One More Night In Nashville”.

All in all, Lucie Tiger’s “The Memphis Tapes” is one of those albums that’ll surprise you around just about every one of its corners. Pour a mint julep or two and take it for a spin, here at the GTC.

LUCIE TIGER The Memphis Tapes

Artist photo via Facebook

Performed by Lucie Tiger
Produced by Daniel Crockett

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With producer Daniel Crockett at the helm, the tracks on this album are a departure from Lucie Tiger’s usual recordings with their full band sound. The Memphis Tapes feature her songs exactly the way she wrote them. And, yes, she celebrated with a few late-night Mint Juleps at the Hotel Peabody when she finished recording.” – bio

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