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21. February 2019 By Walter Price 0

In His Own Futuristic Words: ALICE COOPER predicts rock recycling itself

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alice cooper



“I really believe that somewhere in some garage there is a young guy that wants to be the next Alice and is planning his entire assault and he’s got a great band with him. I think there will be another character like Alice and it will be based on hard rock. I think hard rock will probably recycle itself because I can’t imagine 16-year-old kids wanting to listen to dance music for the rest of their lives. A 16-year-old kid wants the adventure and he wants the pure excitement of rock n’ roll guitars, drums, screaming kids – it’s too much fun for that to go down. So I believe that hard rock is going to come back big.”


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The quote comes from the Gary Ryan article for NME / article photo comes from Alice Cooper’s Facebook.


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