Alex Lleo
23. April 2021 By Walter Price 0

…break the spell, SINGLE: ALEX LLEO – White Water

Alex Lleo – White Water is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Babywoman Records.

Alex Lleo

by Walter Price

“To be a man takes more than guts, these days…”, sings Bristol-based singer-songwriter Alex Lleo on his delicate new single, “White Water”. A slowburn track that finds the storyteller coming to terms with his own self. There’s a lot of connective power in this soul-searching release. As with much of his back catalog, the Bristol-based Lleo works in concert with the elements. Not just in this single’s use of water as a metaphor for a cleansing rebirth, but also as he seems to soak himself in the atmosphere and sounds in his immediate proximity. Letting all the natural ingredients have their say. So instead of a straightforward, introspective lament, what you’re actually hearing is this artist’s exact world as this song in full was born. And you can almost touch his words as they calmly flow from his soul and you may find yourself becoming hypnotized as his fingers coax his guitar strings. A real peaceful easy feeling all around.

“White Water” is taken from the forthcoming EP, ‘Morning Heights’. Follow the links below for updates and info. You can stream this breaking-the-spell single as well as Lleo’s Top Spotify Tracks, now at the GTC.

ALEX LLEO – White Water

Artist photo via Bandcamp // Artist quote courtesy of Babywoman Records

Alex Lleo – Composer, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Quinn Devlin – Fender Rhodes, Piano, Juno 60, Rainstick
Zach Calluori – Electric Guitar
Andy Shimm – Electric Bass
Jordan Wolff – Drums, Juno 60
Eli Aleinikoff – Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax
Sarah Cicero – Vocals
Sahil Ansari – Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Shakers, Tambourine, Maraca
Mastered by Christian Wright, Abbey Road

Alex Lleo

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Morning Heights artwork

I’ve never felt more like an artist, than when I was in Brooklyn. I’d never been anywhere that made me feel like I could do anything, and not be judged at the same time. I felt like I could re-invent myself a hundred times over If I wanted to. I wanted that feeling of ultimate freedom and self-expression across this song and entire EP.” – A. Lleo

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