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With a caution, WKND SPIN: ALEIGH – “Boys Not Right” (single)

Aleigh – “Boys Not Right is available @ Spotify.


by Walter Price

It’s that time to temporarily remove yourself from the week’s agitations and sink into some fresh music. And a fine suggestion is this stylish and groove-heavy indie gem, “Boys Not Right”, performed by Dublin singer/songwriter Aleigh [Aoife Leigh].

You’ll find the subject matter familiar; a boy is a trickster, a heartbreaking so-and-so and the heroine of the track has weathered the storm and is offering a fair warning to the next prey. And after a few listens you’ll start to realize that this songwriter is a studied fan of multiple genres, eras, and voices. As she utilizes layers of varying styles and her dynamic vocal range to tell this darkly evergreen tale.

And if ‘jazzy-slink post-punk-pop’ was a thing, “Boys Not Right” would be its calling card and Aleigh its purveyor. With sprinkled nods to the cherished sounds of KT Tunstall, Siouxsie Sioux, and 60s era french pop, this track is perfect for adding to your weekend/summer playlists…

We have… @ GTC WKND SPIN.

[There is a video directed by the band’s bass player, Sean Kavanagh, but for whatever reason, at time of publishing, it has an embed block. Try and watch it here.]


Audio recorded and mixed by Abbey Lane Studios


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