adult school
16. January 2020 By Walter Price 0

…all about love, VIDEO/SINGLE: ADULT SCHOOL – “Anthrax Shirt” [Jak Kerley, director]

Adult School – Adult School is available at Bandcamp.

adult school

by Walter Price

California’s Adult School and their self-titled album exemplify much of what modern punk rock is, and should be. Dynamic, blistering, smart, and a beer-stained-good-time. And to get you into their groove, look no further than the band’s single “Anthrax Shirt”, a story that you can follow and feel as it induces involuntary pogoing. You’ll see…

And the video, directed by Jak Kerley for Shibby Pictures (you may remember that Kerley directed that kickass film for Grumpster‘s “Roots” that we recently really got into), is as straight forward and cool as one could hope for in a rock n roll video. The concept is brilliantly simple, a house party filmed from the perspective of the oft-visited refrigerator (an unsung hero of countless gatherings). As a vast and varied cast of characters open the door to grab their deepest wants and needs. Fair warning, it’ll take you more than a few views before you catch all the faces and goings-on. But well worth the imminent rabbit hole.

Check out the video several times below…


Article cover photo/still via YouTube / Band collage/photo via Bandcamp

Video directed by Jak Kerley @ Shibby Pictures

Anton Benedicto
Trevor Buck
Jordan Jones
Nick Wuebben


Music and Lyrics by Anton Benedicto and Nick Wuebben.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeremy Stotter (Jeroe Media) in Santa Cruz, CA. Album Art by Diego Diaz-Lundquist

Special thanks to Daney, Spencer, Diego, Jeremy, Kevin, Ben, the house on Murray Street and Willow the dog.

adult school

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After droppin’ out of art school,
movin’ here from Baltimore,
she’d gotten married to the wrong man
I feel so ignored!
Just like back home in Minnesota,
purple mohawk, fuckin’ drunk,
you ate acid in a bathtub
and told me all about love.

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