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…if you cut me loose, SINGLE/VIDEO: PARKS N’ REC Adieu

Parks N’ Rec – Adieu is available at Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud.

by Walter Price

Vulnerability is a complicated creature. A state of being that has been tested if not twisted into new realms over the past eighteen months or so. But as resilient as humans have proven themselves to be, hope and confidence in a new, brighter, future is our best foot forward. And the new tropical vibed single, “Adieu”, from Parks N’ Rec will take us there.

Parks N’ Rec is a project from the mind of veteran songwriter/producer Marco DiFelice and came to fruition in the lush landscapes of Colombia. And the hushed track will find fans of Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and Sting right at home. In a quote provided to the GTC, DiFelice shares the song’s backstory, “I’ve been eight months away from my home in Canada. I wrote this song in Medellín, Colombia, on the back half of my meandering “getaway” tour during the pandemic. There were protests in the streets and the sound of reggaeton beats were everywhere in the “city of eternal spring.” It was surreal to be in a place so alive, yet serene at the same time. Everywhere I turned, there was the sound of rushing water into fast-running creeks, and shoots of bamboo and tree roots busting up the concrete. A constant reminder of nature’s resilience and power. This taught me a lot. It’s all there in this song.”

And speaking of “fast-running creeks”, the accompanying music video is a home movie-style film, a postcard of sorts, showcasing the songwriter’s inspirational surroundings. The video follows an awe-inspiring forest path that winds through the rainforest with, yes, an ending that lets the sounds of a creek help the song fade into the mist. It’s as dreamy as one could hope for.

“Adieu” is taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Wish I Was Here’, expected to be released on July 7th. Before then, you can stream the single and see the music video, now at the GTC.


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performer/songwriter/producer Marco DiFelice


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“Adieu” is hopeful and spirited, even though the lyrics deal with pain. We are strong as humans, even when we are vulnerable. We can be both reflective and confident at the same time.” – Marco DiFelice

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